ExExpense Presence at 2017 NJ Family Law Symposium

On January 28, 2017 at the Hyatt in New Brunswick, the NJ Family Law Symposium was held with approximately 700 NJ Family law attorneys and dozens of vendors and sponsors.  The event was primarily for the Lawyers to obtain Continuing Education Credits.  It also included a well laid out exhibitor area, fresh food and interesting speakers.  The panel discussion dominated the presentation format.

Topics ranged from domestic violence, alimony, child support to issues with marriage and LGBT.   The sessions were well attended and had a filled overflow area.

ExExpenseATFamilyLawSymposium2017ExExpense was prominently displayed and well situated right next to the food and coffee stations.   ExExpense is a tool to help separated/divorced couples more easily manage their shared expenses, typically associated with children.  Instead of sharing a spreadsheet and sending back and forth the receipts for shared expenses, ExExpense allows you to upload the receipt into the system, choose the expense type, and ExExpense does the rest.  It calculates the shared amount, sends an email to your ex, and stores the supporting documentation in the system.

“Traffic at our table was very brisk all day long, ” said David Kolakowski, President of ExExpense, “I was happy to hear their comments about how ExExpense fills a missing need, and the number of follow ups.”

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