Greetings from Asbury Park. Worldwide expansion for NJ based ExExpense® made possible with ecommerce partner RevenueWire.

ExExpense, expense management and document storage application, launches worldwide April 26th, 2016 and announces partnership with global ecommerce and affiliate marketing platform RevenueWire.


Worldwide expansion for start up software application ExExpense continues with the formation of a partnership with RevenueWire, one of the world’s leading ecommerce and performance marketing solutions.

“We wanted a partner that understood SaaS software platforms with a wide reach into the countries that were on our target list,” says Philip St. Jacques, Cofounder and Vice President of Marketing for ExExpense.

RevenueWire, an award-winning ecommerce provider that processes transactions in over 200 countries, works with software and subscription companies to help them sell online. RevenueWire also has a 20,000–strong network of performance marketing partners specializing in software offers, making the RevenueWire and ExExpense partnership a perfect fit.

“Our network of performance marketers are high caliber and understand the “software-as-a-service” model,” says Robert Hitchen, Merchant Sales at RevenueWire.“Our network of marketing partners regularly look for opportunities with recurring revenue models. That’s why ExExpense ticked off all the boxes.”

ExExpense is a suite of expense management and document storage applications that come in three versions. ExExpense Family is for divorced couples that need to manage and split expenses between households typically when children are involved. ExExpense Personal is for anyone who needs to manage expenses or store and share important documents and ExExpense Workforce is expense management for small, midsized and enterprise level companies and sales teams.

“ExExpense Personal is my type of application. I always had copies of all our important family documents stored in a folder somewhere. Now I keep them all stored in ExExpense Personal,” explains David Kolakowski, CEO and Founder of ExExpense. “As a coach for years and having to deal with the hundreds of documents, both receiving them and sending them, ExExpense Personal was an easy idea to help keep documents secure. Now everyone can use it.”

Kolakowski and his team built ExExpense from the ground up. “I’ve built large scale, custom applications for enterprise level businesses. When the need showed up we built ExExpense to meet that need. So we own the code and built the application with security from day one,” says Kolakowski. “ExExpense is one of our first SaaS model applications but security was the primary goal.”

ExExpense launches with RevenueWire on April 26th.

For more information go to, call 800-397-1411 or email David directly at


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